Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Another Book of Secrets?

All one has to do is mention "conspiracy theory" and modern audiences run away faster than Sir Robin at the Cave of Caerbannog, or so his minstrels tell me. Yet, because of continued inquiries regarding certain truths after publication of his Lincoln article from two weeks prior (see Bad Actors), former detective, Prof. Alex Taylor, springboards a perfect swan dive into the President Lincoln's assassination pool. Without spoiling, you should read his article first. Additional commentary will follow.

Originally published in the Gainesville Times, April 5, 1988, Taylor Tuesday explores several mysteries surrounding Lincoln's murder, Booth's escape, and some of the mysteries that allowed both of those events to occur.

Lincoln's murder has been the subject of innumerable books, documentaries, and movies. One central and recurring factor with so many high-profile assassinations' conspiracy theories seems to be political bias, business dealings, and oppositional sympathy. The Kennedy's and MLK, Julius Caesar, Mohandas Gandhi, Malcolm X... just Google it if you really want a full rundown. 

Many of the those outlying, unsolved mysteries are largely unexplored because, inevitably, many of their inquisitors come to a conclusion that the truth either serves no purpose in a modern context, or that the truth may yield far more sinister consequences.

"Best leave it alone."

Oh, but we can't, can we... 

As a purely academic exercise, let's try a couple and see how you feel about it.

1) Our POTUS suddenly announced that 9/11 was executed by named governments, royal, and multinational corporate concerns via leveraged Saudi nationals (patriotism and legacy are easy motivators) under contract with Bin Laden, and not a unilateral jihadist terrorist action — all for the control of oil, other natural resources critical for upcoming tech, and of course, arms sales. 

Is this a truth you'd really want to know? Too large of a conspiracy?
Okay, let try another wild one.

2) A national news outlet breaks a story regarding a lost tape recording of highest-level elected government officials discussing details that indicates MLK's assassination was in fact a planned suicide so that he'd become an unstoppable martyr — a symbol — for equal rights, justice and hope.

I know, bonkers... but what do you think would happen if something even remotely as ridiculous as this hit the air?

At times, the truth and its pursuit can be tiring, ineffectual, and frankly boring — a monumental waste of time and resources. I wonder what Robert Todd would say today.

Now, about those missing 18 pages...

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