Sunday, November 1, 2009

That Title #2 Thing

I am happy to report the manuscript for Title #2 is roughly at the one-third mark and progressing nicely.  There’s not much else to report.  Mr. Taylor is writing!
Okay, well there is this other thing…

I have to admit to a certain vice in which I’ve become addicted to lately – purposely getting lost in the late 60’s/early 70’s.  With the various types of diligence utilized in the past few months, I’ve concluded there is absolutely no better method of time travel than visiting your old local newspaper.  Check this link out: RETURN TO 1970

On page 3-A (Google page 4) at the extreme bottom-right is an article concerning a local trial for none other than Janis Joplin.  After being charged for lewd conduct and language at a Tampa concert, her lawyer dies from a crash on a rural Georgia highway.  Whoa!

Now fly to page 4-C (Google page 22) and scroll down.  New Dodge Challengers for $2,680.  Okay, so it was 1970.  In today’s dollars it’s probably around the $35,000 they’re asking for the modern version, right?  No!
$2,680 in 1970 dollars adjusted for inflation would equal about $14,800 today.  And there was my epiphany…  How did everything get so bloody expensive?

What is the best music for writing?
I’ve been experimenting with listening to various musical forms while writing over the past month.  Not surprisingly, most pieces with any lyrical content proved somewhat distracting.  So, what ended up motoring my keystrokes along at their fastest pace?
(drum roll…)  Bebop.  Particularly John Coltrane’s Blue Train – a perfect background for scrawling a period piece.  Now for that martini…
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