Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Let’s see…   Ah yes, Title #2…

Though November saw many frequent disruptions and distractions, the new novel is bebopping  right along, thanks to Mr. Coltrane and company.  I say “halfway” because the story feels like it’s around that point.  The practical and common writer’s maxim is, “don’t worry about the length, just write it until the story’s done.”  How true!

Okay, I can’t do the holidays without some sort of “gift”, so here -

If you can figure out this out, you’ll have an excellent head start on my next book.
In other news,  I am currently researching marketing and distribution alternatives for Dust.  If you’ve visited my Facebook fan site, you may be aware of my apprehensions with electronic copies.  I have not given up on this possibility,  but I will be researching security ramifications.
Have a Safe Holidays and See You Next Year!
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