Tuesday, March 9, 2010

e-book and Kindle Downloads

It’s here!  The electronic version of Dust is now available—only $6.99!

Choose from two available formats:
-          e-book (DRM-Free PDF for devices such as iPhones, Mac, PC, and any Adobe PDF reader)
-          Kindle by Amazon

I know what you’re thinking.  Then again, maybe I don’t.  After all, if I did actually know what you were thinking, I would be some kind of psychic, now wouldn’t I?  I mean, you could be sitting there thinking about sex, or murdering you husband, or your next trip to a cafĂ© in Vienna.  In which case I should either call the police, or get your phone number and a flight reservation.  Heck, for all I know, you clicked on this page by accident.  Now I have to wonder why I’m carrying on a conversation with myself.
No, I’m not.
You totally are.
Forget it.  Just get on with what you were going to say.

Well, maybe, just maybe, they were wondering why the price is so much less than the printed versions.
Likely, but that can’t be assumed.
Whatever.  I’m going to tell them anyway.

Electronic media has very little cost overhead.  There is no printing involved and there are no shipping charges.  That means I can pass the savings on to you.  Better yet, there are no Digital Rights Management locks on the files.  You can copy, print, and pass the file along as many times as you wish.
Isn’t that a security risk?
Absolutely.  My guess is, those who want to steal from me are going to do so no matter what security controls are used.  If that’s your intention folks, make sure you share it with various publishers and Hollywood types.  If you’re successful and I get some wild distribution and/or movie deal from your shenanigans, I promise you won’t have to stay three years in a crammed cell with some 300lb bull named Lewis.
Somehow, the thought of Lewis won’t dissuade some…er…extraordinary people.
C’est la vie.  It happens.  The low price should make it much easier for those on the fence to stay honest, hopefully.

So folks, the internal debate on offering Dust electronically is over.  While I believe this industry is headed for turbulent seas much the same way the music industry has, I prefer catching waves as they pass instead of contemplative remorse.  Progress!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Electronic Dust

With an unusually cold/longish winter and a painfully intrusive utilities project both dragging on, “other” work appears to be coming along nicely.  By “other” I mean work unrelated to the writing of my second novel.  Animation projects continue taking the bulk of my time, but I’ve managed to start putting together the foundations of a musical recording project that will occur concurrently with Title #2’s resumption.  Like anyone else, there are brief moments for personal time.  During a few of those last month, I finally read Stephen King’s part autobiography, part educational piece entitled On Writing.

I image most curious writers would make a study of Mr. King’s wise advice well before their own attempts at greatness (or in most cases, mediocrity).  My own experience turned out to be somewhat retrospective having already completed and published Dust.  To my relief, most of his teachings (he was, and in my opinion, still is, a grammar instructor) were followed and the holies of holies left intact.  Okay, I didn’t follow every rule one of America’s most successful authors outlined, but hey—Mr. Predictable-F-bomb-on-every-fourth-page didn’t either!  I’ll let some Sun Tzu 101 reject nitpick the reasons.

What I wanted to say about On Writing is that it’s a fascinating read with practical information for anyone pondering their first work.  King’s history is enjoyably interesting and the information valuable.  While the book could use a minor update with his thoughts on the current state of electronic publishing, most of the advice is timeless.  I especially liked the fact he recommends Strunk and White’s Elements of Style as his single most important reference volume—a little book that’s had a permanent place just on the other side of my keyboard for several years now.  (Honestly, I should have it all in memory by now!)

And now for something completely unexpected, but not terribly different:  Dust is currently undergoing preparation for electronic distribution.  That’s right; after several months hashing the ins and outs, I’ve come to the conclusion that e-distribution should be explored.  Why?  If you’ve read my ramblings on Facebook regarding this subject, you may be familiar with my apprehensions as well as the potential catalysts that would tip the scales.  Back in September I mentioned Apple’s then-rumored iPad may bring e-book downloading into the mainstream the same way the iPod did for music.  While I don’t think everyone will run out and buy yet another niche device, at the very least, Apple is validating the format and doing it in a way that is publisher-friendly.

What does this mean to you?  Dust will be available electronically towards the end of this month and at a tidy discount!  I expect to make that announcement soon, so stay tuned…
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