Friday, April 2, 2010

Life Is No Rehearsal

April?  Already?
Oh dear, oh dear.  Where has the time gone?

I can tell you it hasn’t been spent writing.  Well, at least, not on Title #2 that is.  Things are about to change, however.  I’ve received word that a major break in my “day job” will occur within the next few weeks, which means I’ll get back to writing soon.  At last!

Okay, with the current economy and high unemployment situation, why would anyone wish for an unpaid break?  Perhaps it’s part of my part-Italian heritage to value one’s integrity as one of the highest virtues.  You see, this author made a promise last year—a promise to complete this work before particular individuals depart this earth.  I knew a couple of these folks’ health were questionable and yet I still chose to take on a few projects in hopes of mitigating another long and painful story that must be saved for an autobiography some day.  These projects were originally scheduled for completion back in mid-January.  Mr. Murphy’s legal handprint is still visible across the face of my arrogance.

Slightly more than a week ago, I had the pleasure of entertaining one of these dear individuals for lunch.  As we sat and caught up, it became painfully obvious that I am on the clock.  The promise I made is in jeopardy.  Those of you who know me personally know I’m a devout entertainer at heart.  I’ve never missed a gig for any reason—no matter how sick or injured, no matter the technical breakdown, no matter what.  The “show” came first.

It would be hard to dispel any notion of “grand design” regarding my happenstance reminder last month.  People will interpret events on an individual basis and, like the potpourri we are, come to vastly differing conclusions.  For me, the message was crystal:  Play now, work later.
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