Saturday, January 2, 2010


I picked a good month to stop sniffing…er…writing.  WHAT?  Yes, I temporarily halted production on “Title #2”.  First, I have a major construction project going on 40ft. from my office.  It’s enough hearing heavy equipment rumbling by, but the constant squawking from their backup alarms (the loud beeps you hear when the machinery is in reverse gear) is completely distracting.  This project is expected to continue for another month.  Second and coincidentally, I’ve been Tom Sawyered into a 3D graphics project by a dear friend.  That project will end about the same time the construction project ends (supposedly – ha!), so the timing couldn’t have been better.  As well, the holidays bring expected and lovingly wanted familial disruptions.
“It’s all good.”

So, where are we with Title #2?  By my word processor’s count, Dust tallied some 88,800 words.  #2 surpassed 70,000 last week and is currently estimated at the halfway mark.  Wait.  What?  Okay, I fibbed a little.  I’m not completely halted, but the 8,000-10,000 words per week regimen has been reduced to the point I can honestly contend “I am not writing”.  The schedule change forces me to push back an expected completion to sometime in late March or early April.

Now, a shameless plug for that dear friend…

Bradford Rogers is finally about to release his long-awaited second album entitled “Guiro!”.  Even better, he is doing so on his very own, recently-created recording label, Worldsongs, Inc.
Keep an eye on this link:
T. Nelson Taylor | Official Site | DusT | Bolita