Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mr. Murphy, your visa just expired!

Ahhhhh…so nice sitting in a new office with enough time allowed for Title #2’s completion, helter-skelter aside.  I’m excited to mention that I’m already in-process with the Almighty Red (a red Pilot G-2 pen) and expect actually creating new content in the second week of June.  In the meantime, my family’s planets have aligned for a two-week blowout featuring no less than three graduations and a 50th Anniversary.  I am so proud of them for these remarkable achievements.
I am afraid, however, due to these activities I must be brief and bid farewell until July.  Just know in the meantime that I’ll be carefully hammering away for your entertainment on a shiny new keyboard, on a shiny new desk, in a blood red office.

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