T. Nelson Taylor is a Tampa, Florida native with deep roots all over the southeastern United States, most notably northern Georgia. He is a graduate from University of South Florida's College of Business and maintains occupations in Entrepreneurial Management, Forensic 3D Animation, Web and Graphic Design, Audio Engineering, and Music Production. You may also occasionally find him on stage behind a drum kit, blazing away for thousands. Along with his private pilot and motorcycle certifications, T. Nelson Taylor is an avid cyclist, outdoorsman, and mechanical tinkerer. T will be the first to tell you that he absolutely loathes writing and everything involved in the publishing process. His family in turn would label him a complete liar, citing years working behind a keyboard and harassing literary agencies. He lives as best as he can with his wife and a brilliant food critic masquerading about town in a Labrador retriever costume. Discover more about DUST, BOLITA, and other upcoming titles by visiting this blog regularly. Got a question? T will do his best to answer it as time allows.
Please send your queries to: info@tnelsontaylor.com

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