Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Angels in Black

Cue "Evil Woman" by ELO...

It never fails to amuse me when I encounter obvious gender stereotyping. Hollywood has been at it for over a century now. Beautiful people are faultless, and ugly people usually do ugly things. This is why society generally gives gorgeous females a free pass, so-to-speak, for just about everything. Trouble parking a car? How cute. Can't do math? Isn't that adorable... here, let me help. Singing voice that of feuding vultures? Who cares; look at that body! Murders 100 people? But...that's impossible.

Originally published May 24th, 1988 in the Gainesville Times, Professor Alex Taylor swan dives into the murky, turbulent sea of contact mines that is the world of killer women. Okay, being that this is a rather prickly subject, maybe I should just let the column speak for itself. I mean, most women know the level of treachery their gender is capable of perpetrating. Why would anyone be shocked?

The animal pictured above is Jane Toppan. Cute as a newborn snow leopard. You'll read about her below. One thing not detailed though, is that her "excitement" was sexual.I happened to catch my father on the phone just before drafting today's preface. He added that some form of sexual gratification was typical among serial murderers, particularly women.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


A little levity is a good thing in times like these. One thing, though...
If you were truly paying attention, yes, he does this quite often. Storyteller's McGuffin?

Originally published May 17, 1988 in the Gainesville Times.
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