Wednesday, October 30, 2013

At It

To my devoted readers, thanks for stopping by!

As you can see by my last post's date, Father Time hopscotched while I wasn’t paying attention, the complete bastard.  But that’s good!  Well, unless you're a terminal case, in which case I offer my sincerest apology.

Certainly, there’s been plenty in the news to bitch about:  Lying, conniving politicians, Big Brother (NSA), disasters, wars, technology, economy, broken promises, bombings of innocent little girls, shootings of heroic educators, disease, famine, crap music, and, well, the list is endless.  To balance, as most things do in life, there is an equal amount of laudable optimism:  Malala, particle physics, a senior woman swimming the Florida straits, rescues, miraculous feats of survival, a hopeful Pope, new cures on the horizon, Rush finnaly making the Rock Hall of Fame, and so on.  Life.  Something I too have enjoyed lately.

What I’m trying to state is that I’ve been busy.  For a good reason, too—research!  Yes, that’s right.  D2 is back in full swing, and I’m happy to say it.

So, stand by—be patient.  It’s okay to feel shafted a little longer.  It’s only been four years, you know!  Emily languished too, and you know she’s not one for waiting.

More soon,


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