Adapted from true stories, Bolita is the sprawling epic of one man's war on Tampa's mafia and government corruption.  In the mid-1970s, a determined group consisting of a few uncompromising city detectives, an FBI special agent, and an Assistant US Attorney, went after an entire police department and the ruthless criminal organization pulling its strings.  One man, an untrusting, implacable, bastard of a detective named Bill Brume, risked the entire investigation.  It was all or nothing.

Bolita | T. Nelson Taylor | Tampa Florida

“…the mob is coming to us!”
Almost as soon as Bill Brume made detective with Tampa’s police department, he became a one-man plague to organized crime.  He never imagined, however, that as much as he investigated the mafia, the mafia investigated him.  Worse, his investigations would eventually lead him down the loneliest road in law enforcement—Internal Affairs.

“Besides, nobody’s that married.”
As if investigation the mob’s corruption of the police department wasn’t disdainful enough, Bill subjects himself to face a comprehensive examination of his own morality.  Compromise the love of his life?  It’s unthinkable, or so he thought.

But Bill is not alone.  Along with a trusted detective friend and a dauntless U.S. Attorney, Bill’s professional skills are taken to the limit of his training an intuition.  His life will depend on it.

At the same time, the mob has a few problems of their own.  Giuseppe Cantonello ran the entire state of Florida for decades, as did his father before him.  But he had become old and out of touch with his soldiers.  While Giuseppe relaxed in Central America, those beneath him plotted to take over.  Only a few people stood in their way, and the first was Bill Brume.

William “Bill” Brume didn’t have much of a plan when he and his high school buddies fled their farms in rural Virginia.  In fact, he had no direction at all even after joining the Air Force.  When he entered Tampa’s Police Department, however, he knew exactly what he wanted to do and exactly how he wanted to do it.  Some had other plans.
Bolita | Tampa Florida Mafia Police Crime Murder Corruption — a novel
Bolita | Tampa Florida Mafia Police Crime Murder Corruption — a novel

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